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The Visitors (Plasma Drive Mix) --by Cosmic Dance Corps
This hit cover single was originally released in 1982 by ABBA and was only an album cut in North america. The DJ remix service Hot Tracks re-edited the singler into an extended dance mix and issued it as aprt of their subscription service to qualified DJs only. The song was an instant hit, but only, of course, in clubs whose DJs subscribed to the service. Produced by one of Canada's leading dance production teams, the Boomtang Boys, "The Visitors" went Top ten on a variety of club formats, but the Plasma Drive Mix was by far the most popular requested version in clubland. If you wanted this song but could not find it, well, now you've got it!
--from the CD booklet

c1994 Boomtang Records/Sony Music Entertainment (Canada) Inc.
recorded from Dance Pool Vol 3 DMK 81018
music and words by Benny Andersson and Björn Ulvæus
c 1981 Polar Music International AB, Stockholm

More to come!

And now for something completely different! You know how you can hear only specific parts of a song when you put your headphone jack nearly but not quite halfway into the headphone jack or there's a wire lose in your amplifier? Well, listening to Abba's music this way provides the fan with interesting insight into how their songs were created (too bad there's the annoying buzzing sound). A great example is Take A Chance On Me. It's totally different! You'll need to download the RealAudio player if you don't already have it. You should hear the interesting phenomenon of these stripped down songs in stereo but my computer isn't equipped to create mp3s.

Lovelight and the unedited Lovelight
When I Kissed The Teacher
The Name Of The Game
Knowing Me, Knowing You
The Winner Takes It All

Crazy World isn't much of a favourite among Abba fans but listening to it like this you hear Benny's genius at playing the piano. I am afraid to say that this version is better than the official!

Dancing Queen is a song which brought tears to Frida's eyes when she first heard the final instrumental demo. Here's our chance to realize why. What a song! I know it's in RealAudio, but try and see if you can listen to Agnetha's "and the music's hiiiiiiigh" it's very angelic.

Head Over Heels has Agnetha's voice reduced to a faraway echo! The guitar is prominent making it more of a tango and the girls' voices are less melodious in the chorus--this leaves you to wonder how many different ways they sang the song. You can hear "extra" voices (oooo's and aaaaaah's).

I Am The City is reduced to some parts of the lyrics being heard and replacing them is that "I Am the city" sound (I don't kno how else to describe it). Listen for Frida's (or is it Agnetha?) "Welcome to me here I am my arms are open wide", "Come make your contribution to this melting pot", and "if you listen hard you'll hear me laugh". The electric guitar is more prominent making it sound extra eerie!

Medley (don't make me write the entire title) is fun to listen to. In Pick A Bale Of Cotton, the voices and music are reduced but what is left is that synth (or is it another instrument entirely?) characteristic in this cover (or shall I say it's the "Pick A Bale Of Cotton" sound?). Nothing changes in On Top of Old Smokey but listen for Frida's suddenly rising and suddenly dropping voice in Midnight Special ("...and you better not fight for the sherrif will...").

On And On And On is robotic! The voices I mean.

Rikky Rock 'N' Roller is another item from Abba Undeleted. The voices are almost inaudible (with the exception to "da da da da da dee doo waaaaaaa") but the listening to this intsrumental "version" is great. Too bad it's in RealAudio.

So Long is nothing but echoes and more echoes which makes it hard to sing along but it's fun trying!

The Visitors (Crackin' Up) is nothing but instrumental. What a great song. Benny has a magic touch.