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Below are covers of my personal ABBA tapes given to me by friends. Instead of having just the usual index card, I made my own covers featuring Bubba. They were drawn on traceing paper so you could see the track listing through the drawings. For the record, none of these are for sale and the "Remixed" tape is not for trade (it's a personal thing).

U2, Acoustic TV
This is a U2 bootleg with their version of Dancing Queen sung onstage with Benny and Bjorn. I make fun of Bono's singing of the song with this cover.
Little White Secrets
My cover for the Little White Secrets bootleg
...and this is the back parodying the cover for ABBA Greatest Hits Vol 1 released outside of Sweden.
This cover parodies the infamous backwards B
This one speaks for itself
Chicago '79
As you can tell, this parodies the famous picture of the band on their 1979 tour. I made a poster out of this one.