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Meet Bubba!

Meet Bubba®. The comic parody group of Abba®. From left to right, there's Bünny (he plays the accordion), then Lycka (vocals), Nina-Elaine Helen Chiquitita but her friends call her Cassandra (also vocals), and finally Bær (he plays the Bass-not the guitar nor the fish). Lycka can be improved upon but I just wasn't able to create a better character(!). Yes, I forgot to to draw hair on Cassandra.

A while back I discovered Abba and became a huge, astronomical fan. Combined with my favourite hobby of cartooning, creating this comic strip was inevitable.

To tell you the truth, I've only made one bubba comic but I've made Bubba tape covers for my personal Abba tapes. I also made a parody strip of "Abba--The Movie" called "Bubba--The B-movie" which was given to my friend in Dallas as a gift (I made it into a CD booklet on a cover-less ABBA cd single). There's one scene where the fans in the concert argue over the lyrics to "I Am The City" then the girls end up fighting, too.

I must warn you, these comics were created in my early days. So, they are messy can't think of an Abba pun. Also, the jokes tend to get a little corny. I tried to scan them in a way that makes them easier to read. Also, this site is graphic intensive so I tried to make it quick for my fellow 14400 users.

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And now I have somewhat rare Abba covers in RealAudio to share!